“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me,

‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’”

- Mr. Rogers

I grew up watching Mr. Rogers in America, and thus have heard this quote a multitude of times in response to a plethora of tragedies. Son of a working class family in health services, being a helper was a family value that I'm proud to have been raised with and am committed to in each of my servant leadership opportunities. So when the pandemic changed history and my current show came to a halt, I put my helper hat back on and have continued to make time for it between projects ever since.

With masters degrees in both counselling education and psychology, I initially began offering free mental health services to fellow Black/Brown, Disabled, Queer, working class artists/creatives in the US and UK. Since 2020 that practice has grown and changed as client needs shifted with our new world. Some meetings continued with mental health, others grew into career focused goals or even direct creative support, such as creative consultation, writing or digital performance feedback.

Today I maintain a few client spaces when time permits that are pay-what-you-can, whilst maintaining at least one free space of four sessions. And my support as a helper has incorporated even more of my previous professional experience as an educator. As needs and awareness of equity in the creative and entertainment industry increase, I've also returned to bespoke trainings, presentations, and consultation on anti-racism, equality, inclusion, social justice, disability, and decolonisation. Some have even requestes 1-to-1 training, tutorials, and mentorship. I'm also able serve as a Creative Enabler to fellow Disabled artists on productions, beyond the typical support staff.

If ever you're in need of a helper, please reach out (richardp.peralta@gmail.com), regardless of your access needs. If I don't have the answers, we'll together find you resources. I'm here to help you do your best work.

Some credentials and experience include: Former staff at Inclusive Arts; decolonisation workshops at University of West London; Disabled Artists Networking Community's (DANC) People of Colour Focus Group; Social Justice Training Institute 2014 (SJTI); Professor of Racial Discourse and Gender Discourse courses at St. Louis University; published writing and research on LGBTQ+ experiences providing a platform for national (US) presentations and book signings; Disability Services Staff at University of Hawai'i Hilo; Gantt Intercultural Center staff at Clemson University; multiple work groups for hate crime response; competency assessment and planning.